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That was my first thought when I first heard of Tangerine. But being away from the local music scene, since my last days engineering sound for Sass/West at Bill Ashes and other prominent venues , any new band that emerged from then on I was oblivious to. Not to mention I took on a college career, started a painting business and recorded my 1st Solo CD "No More Pain" so I think I was very absorbed with 8 years of learning, making a living and recording without checking the new music scene.    Shame on me Huh!!       But so far today what I have learned is that........


Tangerine began in 1998 as an "every once in a while" side project, though it quickly grew to become something special for band members and followers alike.

Rockin the Ash Can

Bass player Lou Spagnola and guitarist Bill Plourde, both of the band Fortune, teamed up with drummer/singer Paul Soares and guitarist Tony Maggio to play the types of songs that had inspired them to become musicians. Shortly after, keyboard player John Wadkins had a free night so he came by to "sit in" for a few songs. He ended up playing the whole night, and quickly became a permanent member.


Tony Maggio

I have known about many of our local artists in 1988 and Bassist Lou Spagnola was one I knew from hearing him play at the "ASH CAN" covering for Vernon West that Lou would excel with his talents. We know true artists don't ever give in. I know from experiences of 2 divorces and many heartache choosing music over....well never mind that. This is what I further learned about Tangerine.


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Luckily on my visit back to my Hometown "Revere" slightly north of Boston I had the chance to head over to Bill Ashes on Revere Beach (sometimes called the ash can--something only a few people know is that I gave it that name back in 1980 --- your welcome---) to meet up with some old friends including the band coming back on the scene "Blue Tiger"  We were all sorry we missed my Brother Bobby also of Revere and Boston Bands, he could not make the show due to an illness...Everybody Says " Get Well Soon We missed you"

OK so what is Blue Tiger??      Epicly Distinct 80s Metal with an Edge back together to rockit again bigger and better in my opinion. (if only they would allow me to produce them----OH Did I just say that out loud???)

Well yeah ok we'll talk later about that!!!!!!  meanwhile here's a bit on the Blue Tiger 

Award Winning Band 87 to 91 Released Now on Retrospect Records, with their award winning CD UNTAMED SPIRIT

         Untamed Spirit was Released on Retrospect Records Oct 07,

the ORIGINAL Line Up Reunited for an Award in Nov 07 to win the AAM Music awards for CD of the Year, in Hollywood California,

 Reformed in 2011 to play Rocklahoma 2011 and in 2012 to Return to the Boston Home Stage for the Narcissis Event at Showcase in Foxboro,

Blue Tiger is Now working on their Follow Up CD

Vinny (Blue Tiger)  Boston Michael (Solo Artist)   Louie Spag (Tangerine) 

Blue Tiger opened for such National acts from 87 to 91 as Kix, Warrent, Extreme, MASS as well as Headlining every Major Club in the New England Area, Thanks to a Tribute Site on Myspace, Blue Tiger was Signed in 2007 to Retrospect Records, with a CD released World Wide in August 07, and a Video Due out in September 07.

Past Members and Present Members  
Singer Arthur Dauwer 87 to Present
Guitarist Vince Ciampi ( Inchierca ) 87 to Present
Bass Pat Moynihan 87 to 89
Bass Sean Ciaserra 89 to 91
Drums Mike Maguire 88 to 91
Drummer Chris Snow 2011 to Present
Bass Dave Hancewicz 2011 to Present
Guitarist Damien Bergeron 2012 to Present

Heres a link to thier Facebook page

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Happening here and now headline blog goes to Thats That

Congratulations to Michael Indorato you deserve it Michael good choice Bobby. And Bobby your doing a great job keep up the good work. I just want to mention I went to see Thats That at Bill Ashes on Revere Beach last night they did an awesome job. With Sean Coleman on lead vocals and playing guitar, plus you have Chaz Mackin on Lead Guitar who is so unreal and looks like Keith Richards, then you have Gary Cioffi who plays the drums so hard the sticks split in half, and Jay Samarian who is an unbelievable bass player what more can you ask for. They play at Maddy's in Saugus sometimes, Facaccias in Wilmington, sometimes the boathouse in Dracut. They play all over, the people that follow them you know who you are spread the word these guys are my friends they have a great following, and always want to see new faces to build their fan base even bigger. So check them out you wont be disappointe
written byMonique Lebel'Deacon
thanks Monique for a cool story----

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull just recently had a benefit at the Cove in Revere  Saturday night July 21, 2012.
The Change Up-   Natural Spear       Codder Memorial Choir         The Breakfast Show with Stevie Paulson  Emily Rising

  Hello Boston and Revere Bands!
My name's Chris - I run my own small Boston-based homeless charity called Stop The Bleeding - we put on benefit concerts for lesser-funded shelters and soup kitchens in the Boston area and this is our story -                        
 Contributing Writer Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Growing up in the semi-Boonies of Maine, although there was homelessness up there as well as everywhere else, my exposure to it was somewhat limited. I would generally only really see it when going to a concert in a bigger city, so when my musical ambitions brought me down to Beantown in 1994 it was then that I really got a dose of the harsh reality that is homelessness in our country. I was living on Haviland St. in downtown Boston across from Berklee, and on a Friday or Saturday night especially you literally couldn't walk 20 or 30 feet without someone asking you for some change. While somewhat taken aback by the frequency of it, I felt bad for the people as I think most people do on some level - and I proceeded to whip out a few bucks here and a few bucks there and hey here's another guy and geez this guy really looks down and out. It didn't take me long to realize I couldn't possibly keep up this pace, otherwise I would end up broke as well rather quickly. So I went about my business but still felt there was something seriously wrong with this scenario - it seemed there was a general apathy towards the homeless. Now I'll stop right here and say hey, we all have our own lives and our own bills to pay, and our own families to take care of - that doesn't mean we don't care about other people, but it does kind of limit how much we care and to what extent we can help. I undertsand that. I do. While consistently bothered by it, a good 11 years of my life would go by before I would try to do something about it, so believe me when I tell you I don't judge anybody who isn't involved in charity or is hesitant - everyone has their own reasons for doing or not doing something. But man, this really bothered me - it would gnaw at me, honestly. The majority of the jobs I worked sinced moving to Boston would involve a lot of delivery driving, which put me in certain places at certain times of day I would not otherwise be, and I would see a large portion of the homeless population that at other times of the day is largely invisible. A blatant, constant reminder that I have a job, food, clothing, and shelter and they don't. So as much as I've despised most of the jobs I've had, they served the general purpose of self-sufficiency and the larger purpose of keeping me caring aboutpeople who have nothing.


Fast forward to 2004 - my job had taken a physical toll on my body to the point where I was experiencing major lower back issues that was affecting my ability to work and to play music, I had been laid off from said job(which was a good thing), the Sox had won it all - Woo-hah! - and there I sat. For about 8 months, unemployed - happy to be unemployed, ecstatic that the Sox had won it all, and as I mentioned, sitting - doctors orders to take it easy. I'd love to say I had the epiphany the second I was laid off, but it took a good 5 months or so to realize that I was being given an opportunity to do something I had thought about for years but had never had time to do - start my own homeless charity, in an attempt to do something, anything, about homelessness in Boston. The initial self-doubt tried to creep in(self-doubt has a way of always doing that, doesn't it?) - "What the hell do I know about starting or running a homeless charity?" When I arrived at the quick answer - "nothing" I then asked myself "Well, what do you know about?" - an easy question to answer, because music, at least at that point, was pretty much the only thing I knew a lot about. I knew musicians, I knew a lot of bands, I had an okay repertoire of/relationship with local venues - so why not put together some benefit shows? I'll pause again here to mention that I had learned that sometimes not everyone on the street that you might give money to is actually homeless, and even if they are, what they do with the money after you give it to them is often times not what you had in mind - you were thinking food for survival, maybe they were thinking alcohol and/or drugs for survival. I also want to say at this point in the story that there is a lot of self-imposed problems in the homeless community - to put it more simply/harshly, a lot of times the homeless have brought it on themselves. That said, I don't think that means they don't deserve help at some point if they need it - and when they do need that help, let's hope it's actually there for them, and not not there due to lack of funding or withheld because somebody's being judgemental.
With that in mind I started looking for homeless shelters in the Boston area that could use some funding - smaller places that could REALLY use it, so the money, even if it's not that much, would go farther towards really helping somebody.
I'll fast forward some more to the present - as of right now we are in our 7th year of existence and our 6th year of putting on benefit shows. We have put on over 30 shows and, while our totals are generally not huge amounts of money, we've managed to raise a little over $13,000 for several worthy Boston area shelters and soup kitchens. While I feel we've done okay in that regard, I have noticed that Boston is one of the best places in the country to be if you're homeless but there are still a LOT of people living out on the street. One of the biggest problems I see is that the homeless aren't necessarily aware of the help that's available to them or how to go about getting that help. So this brings us to what I hope will be our next phase of development - we are looking at some point to open our own walk-in help center for the homeless - somewhere where they can come and relax, come in from the heat in the summer, come in from the cold in the Winter, sit and have a bite to eat, come talk to us about what their needs are, what problems they might be having or obstacles they may be trying to deal with, just what's going on with them. A place where they will be treated with respect and treated like human beings and not discarded or shoved aside as society's undesirables. There are such places already in existence in Boston, but there are often waiting lists and red tape which often leaves the homeless literally killing time standing around on the street. We would like to serve as a conduit between the homeless and the help available to them, and to be somewhat of an informal support for them in the meantime.
Beyond that, I have all kinds of ideas about a humongous all-in-one shelter/help center/ sanctuary/home for the homeless the likes of which will cost millions of dollars - and again, places like that already exist too, but I have some diferent ideas in mind regarding our approach to helping the homeless that I hope will result at some point in a significant decline in the amount of people suffering from homelessness.
For now, though, we're just doing our part to help the many great, small but worthy organizations that are doing these things every day. We are currently doing shows for 7 Boston area homeless help organizations and soup kitchen kind of places - 6 to 8 shows a year of various musical styles including Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Acoustic/Folky, Blues, and Reggae. Just a footnote, but a significant one - we donate 100% of what we make at these shows to whoever we're doing the show for - we don't keep any of it.
Come on out to a show!
These are our websites -
Our Facebook page - Our Recent and Upcoming Events page - this page tells you what we have coming up for shows with links to the show pages - http://www.letsstopthebleeding.org/id4.html
Welcome To letsstopthebleeding.org

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Very simple...you may write about anything that may be interesting to the group members and the whole wide world if you want. Ideas???  New Bands bustin a move, old bands coming back, clubs you like, an act you saw and deserves attention. OR A STORY OF SPECIAL INTEREST    A bio of your band...someone Else's band. Please Attach pictures you may not like the pictures we'll post..LMAF
OK now the bad news...no listings of bands, events or schedules strait up like the ones we post with the group. send us your schedules and they will be listed on the CALENDAR...the link that says (well is doesn't say anything you gotta look at it) :)  "UPCOMING GIGS" and we will post as many gigs, events and just about anything worth posting on the calendar...

Please please please we could use some help and I just might give away surprises like for instance we may set up an interview for you and or the band an post it as an exclusive on the blog. The blog and calender will be wildly posted on other  social sites and other avenues for optimized exposure and of course our Beloved Group, Revere and Boston BandsThe writing does not have to be perfect for spelling and all that stuff Send your stuff to and We will receive your writings to

Any questions and or concerns  send them to the same address above.

We Love an appreciate all your support
and we will not forget you
Bob and Boston Michael

Wow How did this get here???   Let get your band photo up here!!!  hmmm???

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That's That celebrates their 12th Anniversary

That's That celebrated  their 12th Anniversary last Sat nite at Maddy's in Saugus MA. I did not attend but from what I heard it was a blast as can be expected at any of their gigs. 12 years together and you can be sure they are as "ONE"! and each and every song they play are great.
They are playing this Friday Nite July 20th at Bill Ashes,  Revere Beach Blvd, Revere MA. and as far as I'm concerned the celebration continues  and for those who missed the show and celebration last week can continue to celebrate this Fri Nite.
Here is a link to That's Thats Fan Page and show your support and like the page  and on the  Revere and Boston Bands page... scroll down and read more about the band.
Graphic courtesy of Sean Coleman
Cake by Monique

...Boston Michael

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Just wanted to post that We are not being ignored

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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Next up Thats That and their 12th Anniversary Gig  ( who attended the gig and how was the cake??)  please write to revereandbostonbands@gmail.com and tell us and set this blog on fire!